Sunday, July 10, 2011


By:  Adrielle R. Bollin

There are so many things weighing on my mind
Drawing from me energy, far more than I can find
The choices I have made have brought me to this place
Right or wrong their consequences I are now what I must face

Indeed it was a season I needed to go through
But now that season's over, I want to blaze anew
No time for preparing engines or checking every switch
I want to leave this station I've got the traveler's itch

There's no such thing as failure if you do not leave the ground
So pilot let's get moving before the trumpets sound
I care not which direction, just bring me somewhere new
I'll face Impatience's children another time with you


  1. Such beautiful pictures of the water. And they go perfectly with your words. The water is always changing, tide coming in and out. I understand impatience very well. We need to keep evolving all the time. That is how we grow to be the person we need to be.

  2. Lovely pictures of the restless water, Adrielle, as our spirits themselves get restless when they're reined in too tightly!

    Life is cyclical...the challenge is when to hold on and when to let go, but I think you already know that, wise soul that you are. I love the line, "There's no such thing as failure if you do not leave the ground". The one real regret I have at my age is that I didn't throw myself into the fray often enough to test what I was made of. I'm making up for it now...:)

  3. The marvelous thing about being young, and the young never recognize it, is that they can venture forth and take risks. And fail, or succeed. It is okay. It is acceptable. It is preferable. If on those rare occasions that a young person asks me for 'life advice', I can only say, "Do what you want...what is fulfilling, what excites you." It is okay if it is not prudent or just plain dumb. Go do it. If you fall on your face, get up and go with Plan B. In youth you are given the opportunity to start over, and start over, and start over -- gaining experience and wisdom and along the way. The trick is to love your failure -- because damn it, you did it.

    Your poem brought these thoughts to mind. That is why I love reading you -- it unleashes cascading ideas and emotions.

    Your poem was personal to you. Change. New. You are still young, Adrielle. Change big things. Infinitesimal things...just the You Things.



  4. Oh I so love hearing from you all! :) LC, We certainly do need to keep growing and it's not easy sometimes! Lynette, exactly! Restless waters is exactly what I was going for! Also, I too am regretting my regress from more risk taking and am working on it :) Jerry, I LOVE that advice! I read it to my mom and she loves it too! lol! I am working on these things, all of them.. I have been inspired by someone younger than myself who reminded me of when I was younger and more willing to risk failing or even better...winning :) But owning ALL of it, you're right, that is the trick :)

    Blessings to you all :)

  5. I've been working on becoming more patient.. I just wish it would hurry up and get here.


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