Monday, August 30, 2010


By: Adrielle R. Bollin

The trees and grass come alive
As a brisk breeze ruffles the grass
Branches wave and flowers bow
Clouds race in a sky of glass

Leaves tumble and fly away
Whipped up again on a current of air
To eagles soaring in the western sky
Dancing and playing with never a care

On it goes bringing warmth and cold
Blowing, whispering, whistling through
Everything touched by it's power and grace
Never once cornered by me or you

Thursday, August 26, 2010

God, for real

"God, for real"
By:  Adrielle R. Bollin

Hearts are breakin
All over town
The hometown hero
Was just shot down

He went in to save her
Just doin' his job
A desperate situation
Led to a difficult call

Now life has changed
In the flash of an eye
Hope and faith meet darkness
A challenge high as the sky
How will you bring them comfort
How will they ever see
The love you hold forever
The hurt you share and feel
God, you're for real

The fight was long and brutal
The war had taken it's toll
His soul was heavy laden
Her heart was charred as coal

Somehow the light between them
Caught in the smiles they shared
Those brief and fleeting moments
Grew into love declared

Now life has changed
In the flash of an eye
Hope and faith meet heaven
A challenge high as the sky
How you brought them comfort
Will they ever see
The love you hold forever
The joy you share and feel
God, you're for real

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Moving Away From Safe

"Moving Away From Safe"
By:  Adrielle R. Bollin

This picture found at

No longer at home in that home
Nor am I safe in that sacred place
The life I had was sucked from my bones
By rules and laws so far from grace

The dreams I had came true
The ones that warned of running and war
I stood protected despite the scenes
But still the hurt haunts my door

I went back from time to time
To pick up the pieces of life's demise
But still the visions of war invade
Till rubble again has filled my eyes

My God you love me I know it's true
Still questions gather and fear yet maims
My house that was built on solid ground
Got swallowed up in an earthquake's flames

All that stands are you and I
You are a comfort though I sigh
My destination no longer clear
Though I shouldn't, I wonder why

This picture taken by Adrielle Bollin

Two great foundations came tumbling down
Though both seemed built on solid ground
So what is safe and who is there to trust
All doctrine fails, all men combust

I must rely on you alone
Not just in word or deed and song
But in every living thing
Hear you whisper through the throng

Because you speak to me
Through the world you designed
Through every man, woman and child
Even nature sends your signs

What rule can define this love
Or law make anything so clear
The greatest relationship
Is the one that ever draws us near

So though I may seem aimless
Without a sure fire goal
And though I am a stranger
To the common christian role

I do not walk alone
With purpose all forgotten
I'm getting to know my Father
And shedding all that's rotten

I'm moving away from "safe"
Defined in places of old
I'm chancing the great ocean
To see all I can behold

This picture taken by Adrielle Bollin

Friday, August 13, 2010

Walking with Purpose

Walking with Purpose
By: Adrielle R. Bollin

A lone man walking
A straight and narrow path
He knows not where he's going
Only the direction on the map

He'll face whatever dangers
And strike them down in faith
He'll trust the one who watches
The one who'll keep him safe

And on he'll go till the race is won
He'll keep on walking to the setting sun
All he needs he carries with him
Thanking God for His provision
Till that glorious day when the war is won
And he can finally rest in the arms of the son

His arms are trained in battle
His sword a sharpened blade
His feet know what they carry
His God his only aide

A mission in his heart
His goal his only aim
The faith that keeps him going
Will save him from the flame

The challenges met will further the purpose
And in the dark hour a friendship will surface

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Crying Out For Help

Crying Out For Help
By: Adrielle R. Bollin

So much hurt and pain in hearts
As false reality rips people apart
Beat down spirits and bloodied souls
Raped of dreams, devoid of hope

God we need you but our vision is blurred
We no longer know you because of all we have heard
Confusion rules as unity fades
Nothing seems clear, the world is so gray

Shine your light, oh Father of grace
Pour out your healing, let wisdom embrace
Melt down the walls we built for ourselves
Open our eyes to the wealth of your well

Show us again most patient Lord
Your beautiful ways and righteous sword
Help us to hear your heart crying out
"My people I love you, there is no doubt!"

Wash us clean of all that's untrue
Fill us with truth, fill us with you
Help us to walk in the path you have chosen
To see our life and the pattern you've woven

Give us new eyes to view the world
A bounce in our steps as your design unfurls
Twirl us around in the thrill of your love
Help us remember just what we're made of
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