Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Moving Away From Safe

"Moving Away From Safe"
By:  Adrielle R. Bollin

This picture found at http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQGXNDufEgx_ERSVfZCMIoPiFoWHHpvEfU4OEXHVge88iYbnGA&t=1&usg=__6vlhqHC1Sbl8ajEAraFvI8Bgbwk=

No longer at home in that home
Nor am I safe in that sacred place
The life I had was sucked from my bones
By rules and laws so far from grace

The dreams I had came true
The ones that warned of running and war
I stood protected despite the scenes
But still the hurt haunts my door

I went back from time to time
To pick up the pieces of life's demise
But still the visions of war invade
Till rubble again has filled my eyes

My God you love me I know it's true
Still questions gather and fear yet maims
My house that was built on solid ground
Got swallowed up in an earthquake's flames

All that stands are you and I
You are a comfort though I sigh
My destination no longer clear
Though I shouldn't, I wonder why

This picture taken by Adrielle Bollin

Two great foundations came tumbling down
Though both seemed built on solid ground
So what is safe and who is there to trust
All doctrine fails, all men combust

I must rely on you alone
Not just in word or deed and song
But in every living thing
Hear you whisper through the throng

Because you speak to me
Through the world you designed
Through every man, woman and child
Even nature sends your signs

What rule can define this love
Or law make anything so clear
The greatest relationship
Is the one that ever draws us near

So though I may seem aimless
Without a sure fire goal
And though I am a stranger
To the common christian role

I do not walk alone
With purpose all forgotten
I'm getting to know my Father
And shedding all that's rotten

I'm moving away from "safe"
Defined in places of old
I'm chancing the great ocean
To see all I can behold

This picture taken by Adrielle Bollin

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