Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Storm

The Storm
By Adrielle Bollin

Like a child who is hurt
I ran to find you
To ask you why
To understand anew

But it was not easy
This pain so much deeper
All I had known
Taken by the reaper

The storm that hit
Came fast yet slow
The winds blew hard
The grasses bent low

My heart despaired
As I saw the demise
My soul's desire
Crushed before my eyes

The thunder shook all
The lightening cut deep
The sky ripped open
The heaven to weep

A home for my heart
A family to belong
A purpose that was growing
A dream in song

Scattered in pieces
Ugly roots were now shown
What lied deep beneath
Ripped up to be known

The flood of rain
Beat bloody the ground
Washing away
What I thought to be sound

I could not see
Nor hear nor feel
Frightened of everything
Truth hard to reveal

All I had known
Now broken or shaken
My world fell apart
My confidence taken

Stricken with grief
I turned to find you
I wept in your arms
Found rest and refuge

Recovery lingering
I yearn to burst forth
To shine with the sun again
Set my sails due north

But still I am healing
Building my dreams
Finding my place
In this fortress supreme

For soon I will ride
With the wind in my face
Conquer my fears
I'll win this race

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I am the moon

I Am The Moon
By:  Adrielle Bollin
Pictures were found in the photo gallery and Google images

I would like to be
Like the full moon shining bright
Reflecting from the sun;
A night traveler's delight

I'd like to shine the way
To brighten up the night
To be that great reflection
To give the greater sight

In a way I am the moon
Echoing love I'm shown
I give what light I'm given
Not shining on my own

I could have been a floating rock
But the sun looked well on me
I could have been hidden for all time
But instead the sun chose me

So I sit in sparkling company
In perfect time and space
Revolving round the world
Enjoying my destined place

Pictures were found in the photo gallery and Google images
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