Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Wrestling Game

Have you ever felt
Your nerves disagree
Had your brain and heart
Far from each other flee

Have you ever reasoned
Opposing forces to the ground
Like a wrestling match
With no words or sound

Have you made up your mind
To change it again
Talked yourself silly
To let it go to the wind

How many times
Have you layed it down
To have it come back
Like a boomerang rebound

I tire of this game
Can't keep out of mind
This worry that plagues
Makes me rewind

Yet still I will try
Again and again
To let it all go
Make it die with my pen

After all I confess
I did my very best
Followed the signs
Given at my request

And if I should fail
I'll follow Thomas Edison's advice
I'll keep up my trying
No matter the price

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