Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Lost Song

"The Lost Song"
By Adrielle R. Bollin

Where have you gone
Oh song in my heart?
And where did you go
The voice which sang so sweet?
I miss the bright sunshine
Which your music daily brought
The lyrics and melodies
Like a warm summer breeze
Their soothing effect
Like a soft gray rain
Gently washing away fear
To bring life once again
Their passionate embrace
Like a crashing ocean wave
And the pull of every tide
The way my soul soared
Like eagles majestic and free
Flying so high and seeing everything
How you made me proud
Like a stallion running in the wind
Wide nostrils taking deep breaths
Mane and tail dancing on air
You helped me forget
This world, it's troubles and sins
You soothed my moods
Like a hot therapeutic bath
Melting away tension as butter to heat
You lifted my tear stained face
When I could bear no more
Gave the healing salve
Ministered deep to my core
I miss your presence
Though I know you're still near
You're still in this house
Hiding in a secret room
Awaiting the call
Of The Healer's gentle voice
He'll pick up the pieces
Of my world gone astray
Give me new life
Make me whole again


  1. Made my face look like your page.

  2. "He'll pick up the pieces
    Of my world gone astray
    Give me new life
    Make me whole again"
    ...I'd say amen to that! :)


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