Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Struggle Within

The Struggle Within
By:  Adrielle R. Bollin

Like a tree in a hurricane straining in the wind
My heart and mind are racing, fretting as I bend
How much more can I take of this road I'm winding down
Everything I knew left me, seems scattered on the ground
 All I taste now are these bitter to and fros
Messing with my mind are the things I used to know
And the blood from my tongue as clench back the curse
I've been trying so hard and it's only getting worse

I need a miracle to break off these chains
I need an answer before I fade away
God you know my frame I can handle so much
There has to be a change, I need only Your touch
You alone can set me on solid ground
You alone can deafen the perilous sounds
So I cry out your name and lay out my fleece
One last push of faith to reclaim your peace

All I have left is to wait for your word
Just one sign of hope, one message delivered
To stir this mirage, these mirrors of deception
Until once again I see You in my reflection
Then you speak and my burdens turn to air
A release of truth drowns my despair
Suddenly the promise rings true in my ears
Life, love, joy, peace and wisdom are again my peers
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