Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Missing Pieces

The Missing Pieces
By:  Adrielle R. Bollin

I'm searching out an answer Yet drifting like a feather on a lake
I've got pieces of the puzzle But no idea what it'll make
My heart desires completion While my mind runs round and round
The picture isn't clear yet So I watch without a sound

I take in what I see Both present and the past
Looking at the patterns Wondering how they last
I can see the connections Each instance and it's task
But not the reasons why Nor the name behind the mask

It is an aria without sound  A drum without a beat
It's presence ever haunting  Yet just visible like summer's heat
Oh give me back discernment  Oh Master of the sky
Open up my hollow vision  To see where my enemy lies

Guide me to missing pieces  Make the picture sing
Come close enough to feel you  So I'll hear your whispering
And when I the fog lifts away Help me then to choose
Lift the weights that paralyze And free me from my cemented shoes

Elijah Bossenbroek - This has got to be my new favorite artist - Amazing talent!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mystical Morning

                                             Mystical Morning
By: Adrielle R. Bollin

Pink misty sunrise at my back
Bright full harvest moon ahead
Rivers of fog between earth and sky
Bushels of grass are a dewy green bed

A wealth of mystical beauty 
Surrounds my sleepy morn 
All creation hails the Painter
Whose love endures all scorn

The sun is rising through the mist 
Glorious light spread east to west 
All the earth is bathed in golden light 
As evening stars and moon begin to rest

The night is fading into the horizon
Blending blues greens and yellows
Before the moon and star say goodnight
Their light wanes over foggy meadows

As we gaze at the morning 
We are filled with delight 
Awe filled praises overflow 
Honored to see the glory so bright

I feel a smile, which warms my soul 
Fills my heart makes me fully alive 
The heart that beats to make me whole 
Wraps me in arms of purest love and life

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Think of me

"Think of me"
By: Adrielle R. Bollin

When the wild ones take their shelter And slumber day and starry night
When the snow falls gently down Wraps the earth in a blanket of white
When the moon is full With her bright eyed steady stare
That's when you will find me How you'll know when I am there
When behind you lie your troubles And before you a bright new day
When the sun shines all his brilliance Through stormy clouds of gray
 When the wind does whip and whistle And whisks you off your feet
When the little bird tells her story I hope you think of me

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My first blogging award! :)

What an honor!!
Just a note...I just found out that I have been awarded the stylish blogger award from Lady Cat
Thank you so much! It works like this:

•Thank and link back to the person that awarded me
•Share 7 things about myself
•Pay it forward to recently discovered bloggers
•Contact those bloggers about the award

Some things about myself:
... have the best hubby and daughter a woman could ask for
...started blogging in October of 2009
... have three brothers and a beautiful sister in law
...have hazel eyes
...listen to books on CD while I work a sucker for "reality" television a newborn shoe lover ;)

And now I pass the award onto these recently discovered stylish bloggers:

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Escaping Winter

 Escaping Winter
By: Adrielle R. Bollin

Exhaustion comes To haunt the soul
Both lack of sleep And retreating goal
The gray and white Which covers the north
It deadens my senses Depression brought forth

Every winter This has been true
Till I gained a light Which is peeking through
A reason to smile To laugh and reflect
A constant reminder Of the ways I am blessed

Excitement to come That lasts all year
Simply in knowing Appreciation made clear
When I stop to think Of all I've been given
The blessing of friends And simply of livin'

The chance to get out To touch the whole world
Old rules to be broken The chains come unfurled
A brand new world Has been opened to me
Depression must go Must leave, must flee

Slowly the Healer Is giving me wings
By showing me people Who inwardly sing
My heart which was shattered Is beginning to live
So many I must thank And to the world I must give

For though it is dark And trouble abounds
There's always a light That is consistently found
As long as I live I shall seek and will find
The sweetest of grapes On every vine

This poem is dedicated to the very special people in my life who have made such a huge impact on me this past year.  The obvious being my family both close and extended - how wonderful to be stuck with you forever! :) I love you all!!  But also the newcomers and those in this blogging community.  You have changed my perspective and in your own unique ways shined light into my life.  You brought healing and refreshment after a very long hard year and an even longer few years before that. Words can hardly express how grateful I am to you all.  So thank you again for your friendship and support, it is infinitely appreciated!  Blessings again to you all!
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